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December 2016

Dear BGP Friends and Fans,

Upon getting the news that our esteemed female vocalist's husband scored a fabulous job at Grand Teton National Park in Jackson, Wyoming, it dawned on us that Colby (and their daughter) would naturally be moving there, too. So, friends, the BGP has decided to fold up our tent. It's been 16 years, a good long run, and this seems to be a good way to end things on a high note (so to speak).

We will perform our final First Night Burlington concert as planned, and we have a few out-of-state concerts in February, and we intend to throw ourselves a Farewell Concert on March 4 or 11, somewhere in Burlington. Then Colby is off to join Ryan in Wyoming--what a tremendous new adventure for them! The rest of us, well... we'll see, won't we?

We can hardly express the gratitude we feel for the audiences we've entertained, for the promoters and presenters and agents and venues who've taken care of us over the years, and for the fans who have dragged their friends to their first BGP concert only to find out that they liked it! The BGP has developed organically from the start with our debut appearance at the Flynn Theater on New Years Eve (First Night Burlington), December 31st, 2001; talk about starting with a bang! And it just kept on from there. We are now putting together our seventh album of songs recorded live over the last couple years. We hope to have it in hand for some of our final concerts, and it will certainly be available at CD Baby or through our website before too long.

We thank you so very much for your support and enthusiasm through these many years, and hope you can come see us before we take our final bows as the Bluegrass Gospel Project.

Harmoniously Yours,
Colby, Taylor, Paul, Steve, Kirk, and Gene

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